NOTE: All agreements have been extended indefinitely to February 1, 2020. You`ll find the world`s best recording musicians here in Nashville, Tennessee! No matter what kind of music you want to record, from rock`n`roll to jazz, blues, classical, gospel, Americana, folk, R-B, Latin, urban – and yes, country music – Local 257 can help you have a successful recording experience. We have a wide variety of scales to fit your budget, and we are here to make it easy for you to check in the right way. And read the Single Song Overdub Agreement section, which offers worksheets, time concerns and guidelines on how to use AFM contracts to protect your home recording sessions. Low-budget rates can be used if the film falls below $45 million for motion pictures or $5 million per hour of programming for television films (basic and long-form television movies). Since their introduction in 1996, these low budget rates have increased employment opportunities in the field of application. In addition, low-budget soundtrack albums are often published. The use of this agreement is subject to the association`s prior written agreement. Contact the local recording company representative or Pat Varriale at the AFM West Coast Office for more information on a low-budget package for theatre or television films. There are also new additional provisions that allow discounted prices for the first 25 episodes of a television series or pilot. Please note that acceptance agreements and acceptance letters must be sent to the association for counter-signature. Please send an email to

1000 local work costs for admission contracts are charged at 3.5% of the salary of all musicians on the recording. Note: The above agreements are merely summaries of collective agreements. For effective agreements, please contact the Electronic Media Services Division of the American Federation of Musicians. If you are not sure what contract you should use for your project, please call us! Contact local registration department 257 at 615-244-9514 or send an email PDF forms on this page allow text entry, printing and registration with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Pro. Acrobat Reader is available for free download from Adobe`s website. AFM agreements are collective agreements as negotiated by the American Federation of Musicians and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. Each agreement is negotiated for a fixed period of time, but can be extended at expiry. AFM Theatrical Agreement `15-`18 (PDF) 2015-2018 Theatrical/TV Rate Sheet (PDF) Festival Letter of Agreement (PDF) [under construction] As of April 1, 2011, the pension contribution rate for registrations is 11.99%. . The theatrical agreements of films and television films set the minimum wage scales and the working conditions of the host musicians, sideline and musical preparation in different categories of films. These programs include dramatic, non-dramatic, episodic and filmed for television and theatre films. The 1000 premises can now accept and submit hospitality contracts with the AFM.

President Emeritus John McCutcheon has written a helpful article to guide you through the process that can be downloaded here. Below are the scales and information forms you can download.