Other health and wellness initiatives include: smoking cessation, blood pressure monitoring, vaccination clinics, traveller`s health clinics, health screening clinics, hearing protection, education awareness sessions, ergonomics, fitness incentives, internal blood testing and disability management. We support the professional and personal needs of our employees. Flexibility is available to employees to help them fulfill their personal and entrepreneurial obligations. In addition, we actively assist our employees in overcoming and managing any type of personal problem by offering an Internal Employment Assistance (EAP) program. Our EAP coordinator supports employees and their families through a variety of means, including professional advice, personalized advice and training. Our Employee Stock Purchase Plan provides employees with a great way to acquire Fortis shares and the company will help you with your contributions. You also have the option to acquire these shares in an RRSP, which allows you to claim both your own contributions and the company`s contribution as a tax deduction. To help employees take advantage of this opportunity, we offer a 12-month interest-free loan by salary deduction. Workers participate in an old-age savings plan in which the company and employees each contribute 5.75% of their basic salary into a registered Old Age Savings Plan (RRSP). Our benefits are shared on a 50/50 basis and cover: health insurance – including health, travel and hospital services; Life insurance Global travel insurance; Long-term disability insurance accidental death and dismemberment; and, dental coverage (optional).

In addition to our internal staff development programs, we are pleased to assist our staff in the costs of developing their training in post-secondary institutions. You can get a 100% refund for registration fees, teaching and book fees for courses. We offer our employees competitive salaries. We direct our salaries to the market in question and pay based on the training, qualifications, qualifications and experience required for our positions. Our employees also receive leave such as holidays, statutory leave, swimming holidays, family vacations and sick leave. Newfoundland Power has a 135-year history, and we have developed an admirable corporate culture. Our employees share a set of core values that form the foundation on which we do our work and lead ourselves. Our values: safety, service, innovation, teamwork, people and respect, who interact with our work and how we interact with each other. These are the principles that we apply every day with confidence in everything we do.

At Newfoundland Power, we encourage a safe, respectful and healthy workplace to enjoy the health and well-being of our employees. We believe that a healthy workplace is an integral part of optimizing staff health, job satisfaction and work. We offer a multitude of health promotion programs that focus on all aspects of our employees` health, including their physical, mental, emotional and psychosocial well-being. We focus a lot on the success of our employees and the resulting success of the company, by promoting a continuous learning environment that offers employees growth experiences. We offer many programs that offer development opportunities to support your personal and professional growth. These include orientation, job shadowing, guided tours, tutoring, in-house training, lunch and learning, and educational workshops.