Until 1996, non-competition prohibitions were generally considered unacceptable trade restrictions in Florida. However, in 1996, the status of the non-competition clause was fully rewritten and no substantive changes have been made to date. Florida has a very employer-friendly non-compete status and the basic rules are fairly simple. However, it is important to understand legal standards and enforcement considerations so that you do not end up with an agreement that is not worth the paper on which it is printed. If you think your non-competition obligations are unfair, remember that employers need to develop agreements to meet each company`s legal requirements. One of the arguments is that the employer has, in one way or another, significantly violated the employment contract. For example, if the employer has not met its obligations to the employee in terms of compensation, insurance, etc., the worker could argue that non-competition obligations should not be applied. The box of the third statement should be activated or completed if the recipient intends to comply with a company`s condition not to participate in a relationship or activity involving its «general competitors.» That is, companies that compete with the company for its status with its products and services. If the issuer wishes to use these documents to prevent the recipient from being involved in «specific competitors» in its industrial sector, the box of the fourth statement should be completed or re-examined.

For this statement to be valid, it is of course necessary to submit a report composed of the full legal name of each of these competitors. This statement shows some empty lines to allow you to provide this information. If a full report requires more space, continue with a properly labeled appendix in the list. However, be aware that many companies use a single solution, with their competition prohibitions, that they consider ineffective and unenforceable in the eyes of the law. At FGBO Law, we specialize in workers` rights and help employees fight unfair restrictive alliances. Let us first discuss the rules by which employers must follow in the development of this restrictive pact. If any of these elements are inappropriate, the agreement is considered unenforceable. In other words, if it does not give you a reasonable opportunity to work in another workplace, if you leave the company, it is unenforceable. Are you an employer? Learn more about what you need to know about what to keep in mind when creating and implementing employer competition contracts in Florida.

No matter how things ended in a workplace, the signing of an release and a severance agreement come with… Since a non-compete agreement can seriously restrict your livelihood, you should encourage an experienced lawyer to review the agreement before signing it. Keep in mind that the court will not take into account the economic harshness that you face when the non-competition agreement is applied. Simple assertions that the agreement is somehow unfair will clean up the non-competition clause. They must provide concrete legal evidence demonstrating the unenforceableness of the non-competition agreement. If you have already signed a non-compete agreement and want to change jobs, you should talk to an employment law professional before you leave to plan a procedure. The first purpose of this checklist concerns the recipient`s «business practices.»